Space Norway upgrading its systems with Amphinicy Technologies' software

Monday, Jun 17, 2024
Nittedal Teleport - Europe’s largest and world’s most northerly satellite earth station delivering a spectrum of dedicated solutions, including hosting, co-location, and comprehensive end-to-end managed services. Courtesy of Space Norway.

Amphinicy Technologies is pleased to share the customer's success story. Space Norway Satcom AS (formerly Telenor Satellite AS), a subsidiary of Space Norway Group, is performing an extensive upgrade of its Nittedal Teleport ground station antennas. The activity includes monitoring and control (M&C) system update and further antenna equipment improvements.

Space Norway has chosen our Monica solution for its M&C system. Both a future-proof solution and a seamless and secure integration of the ground segment assets were critical requirements. “Our software development is guided by agile principles, ensuring continuous adoption of cutting-edge technologies. As a result, Monica M&C provides long-term value for decades to come. Our commitment is recognised by Space Norway. Experience gained from working with them is invaluable and will serve as a foundation for our future endeavours.“ says Marjan Patača, Presales Specialist at Amphinicy Technologies.

We are honoured to collaborate with Space Norway on this project and proudly celebrate this significant milestone. The Monica project has reached the halfway point. Check out the status and results in the full article.

About Space Norway

Following the acquisition by Space Norway Group in January 2024, Telenor Satellite changed its name to Space Norway. Space Norway is Northern Europe’s leading satellite services provider and a key player in the European space sector. The company provides critical satellite services to governments, commercial maritime, land-based industries, and major broadcasters serving clients throughout Europe, the Arctic, the Middle East and North Africa.

Learn more about Space Norway here.

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